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Google search results keyboard shortcuts stopped working  Tags: websites.
Just a very quick post, since I couldn't find the right solution easily elsewhere...

At Google you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in search results. The most used is probably tab and then enter, which just brings you to the first search result. By pressing tab, arrow keys, and then enter, it opens other results. And ctrl+enter will even nicely open it in new tabs (to which you can switch with ctrl+tab).

From time to time, these keyboard shortcuts stop working. Google offers no settings for this nor explanation why it would ever stop working; it just breaks and you worry the awesome feature has been removed.
Outlook.com is deleting mail at random  Tags: websites, e-mail.
Just a heads up warning for everyone: over the past week I've noticed that Outlook.com is randomly but consistently not delivering certain e-mail. It may or may not affect you, I'm not sure what triggers the error.

As you may have read before I am using a somewhat odd way of handling email and email addresses. So far it has always worked fine and the only spam I get is legacy stuff that is not using my new system. So I can really recommend this, plus it sparks interesting conversations at times.

So what happens is this:
Make Chrome run 4 times faster  Tags: websites, software.
I almost filed a support request at Grooveshark for making the site incredibly slow. It's never been fast, but the until very recently I could live with it. Now it took around 70 seconds from the moment the page started loading until I heard sound come out of my speakers.
Also selecting a song in the list (not playing it or anything, just selecting) took a few seconds. Absurd.
CSRF: It's not trivial  Tags: security, webdevelopment, websites.
In the past few weeks I've found two websites with CSRF vulnerabilities. I wasn't really looking for it, but when they don't require me to enter my current password to change the password (or e-mail address, by which the password can be reset), it raises flags.

So what can you do with a CSRF vulnerability?
In one case, I could easily have gained myself admin permissions on a website with thousands of visitors a day.
The other, I'm not entirely sure what the extent was, but certainly get myself access to FTP accounts from websites.

CSRF stands for Cross-Site Request Forgery. It works like this:
Finding a song by its lyrics: Play By Lyrics .com  Tags: websites, webdevelopment, music.
Most readers of this blog will know how you can find a song by its lyrics: You just google the lyrics you remember plus the word "lyrics" itself, and it will often come up with the song you want. Then you copy (or type) the artist and song name over to Grooveshark or Youtube, and you can listen to it.

I'm having this quite a lot lately, knowing the lyrics but not the song name, and the process of putting it to play seemed a bit double work. First googling, then on youtube, then clicking the result... So I decided to take action :)
Play By Lyrics.com is the result!

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