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Outlook.com is deleting mail at random  Tags: websites, e-mail.
Just a heads up warning for everyone: over the past week I've noticed that Outlook.com is randomly but consistently not delivering certain e-mail. It may or may not affect you, I'm not sure what triggers the error.

As you may have read before I am using a somewhat odd way of handling email and email addresses. So far it has always worked fine and the only spam I get is legacy stuff that is not using my new system. So I can really recommend this, plus it sparks interesting conversations at times.

So what happens is this:
Determine how spammers got your address  Tags: spam, e-mail.
I saw someone use a very smart way of managing e-mail. The only requirement is having a domain exclusively to yourself.

Say I want to sign up at example.com and I need a valid e-mail address. What I do is sign up with example_com@lucb1e.com. If I some day receive spam, I can see the recipient is example_com@lucb1e.com and I know that example.com has either shared my e-mail address with 3rd parties or made it public some way.

Even better, I can block any e-mail addressed to example_com@lucb1e.com!
"Is this your photo"-like scams  Tags: e-mail, spam.
I never get how people can be so stupid to click on them. After the first at least, they are obvious: e-mails trying to make you click on some link, either because there is a comment on your profile, or some remarkable photo of you.

There are generally two types of e-mails. The first is an English e-mail from a Dutch person to whom you never spoke in English at all. The second is a Dutch e-mail with sentence constructions so bad that you would think they hired a typewriting chimp from a Dutch zoo.

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