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The robot and the baby
Shared at 02-Jan-2014
A funny short story that lightly touches on some issues of future robots and robot policy.
Random Number Generator
Shared at 09-Dec-2012
One of my favorite comics of all time. Related:
Shared at 18-Apr-2012
Incredibly funny 4 minute talk about scripting.
Enjoy being wrong
Shared at 29-Feb-2012
Hacker News
Shared at 08-Jan-2012
Gay marriage: The database engineering perspective
Shared at 18-Dec-2011
Storing marriages in a database, how hard can it be? Well, read this and you'll know.
Turing test à la 2025
Shared at 24-Oct-2011
This is one of the first non-mainstream things I ever read about AI, and it got me very interested in it.
I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility
Shared at 24-Oct-2011
Another great read by Things of Interest

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