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Finding a song by its lyrics: Play By Lyrics .com  Tags: websites, webdevelopment, music.
Most readers of this blog will know how you can find a song by its lyrics: You just google the lyrics you remember plus the word "lyrics" itself, and it will often come up with the song you want. Then you copy (or type) the artist and song name over to Grooveshark or Youtube, and you can listen to it.

I'm having this quite a lot lately, knowing the lyrics but not the song name, and the process of putting it to play seemed a bit double work. First googling, then on youtube, then clicking the result... So I decided to take action :)
Play By Lyrics.com is the result!
Not sure what music to put on?  Tags: music.
Got one of those moments where you want to put some music on but aren't really sure what? Just for yourself I mean, not on a party or anything. Let me suggest something: Collect all the music you listened to in the past 10 years, put it to shuffle, and then hit play.

This was easy for me as I keep everything in my library at Grooveshark.com,

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