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Cookies!  Tags: my blog, webdevelopment.
In the light of the new Dutch and European cookie laws, let me inform you about the cookie policy here.

I keep track of users via Statcounter. I think it's the largest statistics counter after Google Analytics (which I avoid for your privacy's sake and because Statcounter publishes global stats), so I think I can trust your data to them. I cannot control which cookies they set and for what purpose.

If you wish to opt-out of
Finding a song by its lyrics: Play By Lyrics .com  Tags: websites, webdevelopment, music.
Most readers of this blog will know how you can find a song by its lyrics: You just google the lyrics you remember plus the word "lyrics" itself, and it will often come up with the song you want. Then you copy (or type) the artist and song name over to Grooveshark or Youtube, and you can listen to it.

I'm having this quite a lot lately, knowing the lyrics but not the song name, and the process of putting it to play seemed a bit double work. First googling, then on youtube, then clicking the result... So I decided to take action :)
Play By Lyrics.com is the result!
Stop recommending libraries  Tags: webdevelopment, programming.
Q: Can someone explain how text ranges work in Javascript?
A: I recommend using jQuery or MooTools for this. [Link to how it's done in Mootools]

Wrong answer.
That's not the answer to the question, that's how you would do it given that you already use a library on your site and you don't really care about how it works. If the asker is not already using a library, it's
About my website  Tags: websites, webdevelopment, my blog.
Thought I'd write a bit about this blog, the ideas and origins behind some things.

Why'd I start a blog?
Let's begin at the beginning. About a year ago I started reading more on the web. Of course you read all day long when you are on the computer, but it are all bits and pieces. I'm talking about stuff which is like 14 pages in length (on a full HD screen). Back then I read a lot on qntm.org,
MySQL tutorial  Tags: tutorials, webdevelopment.
This is a beta version!

There are a lot of MySQL tutorials out there, but like with many tutorials, it stops at some point. It teaches you the basics and then either stops, gives only a sort of reference manual for more, or doesn't explain advanced concepts well. If you want to know more, you'll have to Google for it on your own, but there is almost never one tutorial from the beginning to the very end. Also, most tutorials are very practical. If [this], do [that], but never because of [reason].

In this MySQL tutorial I will attempt to explain it from the beginning up to where I know.

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