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Javascript type conversion  Tags: programming, webdevelopment.
I used to have a lot of problems with Javascript on this back when I was just starting to program and had no experience coding besides writing HTML. Nowadays I don't have any trouble with this anymore, especially since the discovery that you can see the errors, but only now I think I can guess right 100% of the time.

Let's do a show-by-example, but try to guess for before clicking the button!

var n
Invalid JSON  Tags: webdevelopment, programming.
I've written about XML versus JSON before, praising JSON far above XML. I still stand by this, but I must say that there is an incredible lot of invalid JSON out there.

Most applications using JSON are client-server setups where the client downloads data from the server. Since JSON is native Javascript, you can just throw it in there along with any sort of Javscript instructions, and it'll work. Yeah, for you application only that is.

For example for my website playbylyrics.com I wanted to enable users to download the MP3 of what they were listening.
10 things Paul Irish learned from the jQuery source  Tags: webdevelopment, programming.
I got very annoyed by the arrogance of Mr. jQuery Board Member which some people seem to love... I thought I would get a great talk about 10 awesome things jQuery does that hardly anyone knows about. Instead this is an hour-long video full of 'stuff's and 'awesome's with like 0.1% content.

This post will be telling you all useful stuff he said, only without pretending every word that I say is awesome just because I said it.
Stop recommending libraries  Tags: webdevelopment, programming.
Q: Can someone explain how text ranges work in Javascript?
A: I recommend using jQuery or MooTools for this. [Link to how it's done in Mootools]

Wrong answer.
That's not the answer to the question, that's how you would do it given that you already use a library on your site and you don't really care about how it works. If the asker is not already using a library, it's
Py2exe simplifier  Tags: programming.
Just a quick post: It took me way too long to find out how I should convert .py files to executables with py2exe. I just want to give it an input file, and let it figure out the rest by itself. After I found out I thought, this should be easily automated. And so it was.

Prerequisites for this:
- Python installed (example directory is C:\>Python27)
- py2exe installed

Put the following script in your Python directory and name it py2exe.cmd

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