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Copyright  Tags: real life, writing, other.
Copyright is a funny thing. You have it, without asking for it or telling anyone about it. You can even have it on pseudonyms. And if someone copies your work, well good luck making the distribution undone. Last year the Dutch copyright law became 100 years old, but we're still living by its rules.

What I wonder is why people still put ©<?=current_year;> below their work. It's not legally binding for anyone in any way, it doesn't help protect your content, and it's often very inaccurate.
Annoying writing styles  Tags: writing.
I don't mean to be rude, but...
But you are. Think of a politer way to say it. This shows you simply do not care.

This is a line of 4pt unreadable text that was not worth reading.
Small text is fine so people who skim can skip it, but the minimum size is 8pt or by exception 7pt. Beyond that it's unreadable and simply a pain for everyone.
Note  Tags: me, writing.
Please don't hesitate to correct my English :)
If you can spot errors in my grammar or sentence constructions (or consistent errors in a word) please do tell me!
Hyphen or dash?  Tags: writing.
I have read about the difference before, but I forgot again (I even forgot that what I called a dash was actually a hyphen). Most texts explaining it are way too long to remember. People end up using one or sometimes two hyphens, only differentiating between a hypen and an em dash, if they differentiate between anything at all.

This post is a short summary of when to use a hyphen, an en dash and an em dash.

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