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IPv6 adoption  Tags: networking, my blog, my server.
IPv6 adoption is still rather slow. Some Dutch ISPs promised support during "early 2013". I'd say "early" has come and gone by now. They probably were planning for it, then saw the hype drop off after IPv6 day and rescheduled. Some announced to have delayed it, others never said it would happen. The only ISP that I know supporting a full and free IPv6 connection is XS4ALL. Heck, we get a /64 IPv6 subnet by default at no cost! That's more than twice the entire IPv4 space.
No posts lately  Tags: my blog.
I haven't posted anything in a while, I know. I feel like I don't have much to write about anymore, and it's also more pressuring to write now that I have a real audience. Most blogposts were written during the time that I was still developing the website, and I just wrote for myself. I could always decide later whether I publicized it or not. Reading back, the quality mostly sucks, so that's why I'm trying to write original and quality content now. But it's not working.
Comments  Tags: my blog.
Whenever a comment is posted, I receive an e-mail notifying me of that. This afternoon I received such notification, but clicking the link to the comment, it was not there.

This happened once before, and I discarded it as "The author probably deleted the message for some reason". This time I decided to check it out, and looking in Disqus' admin panel, there was a message showing in red.

Red? Does that mean it's been deleted or something?
Turns out it was automatically detected as spam.

I approved the comment and checked for any others with a red overlay.
So I got hacked  Tags: security, my blog, my server.
I must say well done to Robbert Camps for hacking my website :)

Due to my inattentiveness when writing scripts in the randomprojects folder, I missed a leak which gave him access to my blog and read-only access to any file on the system.

Ironically I was watching the website statistics right the moment before he discovered the leak, and realized there was an issue with a file someone was browsing.
Cookies!  Tags: my blog, webdevelopment.
In the light of the new Dutch and European cookie laws, let me inform you about the cookie policy here.

I keep track of users via Statcounter. I think it's the largest statistics counter after Google Analytics (which I avoid for your privacy's sake and because Statcounter publishes global stats), so I think I can trust your data to them. I cannot control which cookies they set and for what purpose.

If you wish to opt-out of

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