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Scams are getting more funny every day  Tags: lol, spam.
Today I got an e-mail from the minister of finance. If I replied within two hours and paid 75USD, I would get 5.000,00USD. Sure! Of course the mininster of finance from the Federal Republic of Benin mails me about that in all red bold text with green dotted underline!

Is there anyone at all believing this nonsense?!
Sometimes you shouldn't STFW  Tags: lol.
I was looking for a floppy disk today, the one I found earlier isn't working properly because it's not HD (High Density) or because I'm trying to do this via a USB Floppy Disk Drive. Either way, Windows won't make it bootable. I can only format it from the command line as FAT(16), but after doing that, copying boot files and rebooting, it tells me to remove the disk and hit the anykey (phun intended).

So I was looking for another floppydisk, and when I couldn't find it I concidered searching the web for a moment.

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