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The routing project  Tags: networking, computers, Windows.
I've worked at this project for a couple months, every few weeks spending a couple hours testing some new idea. It was at internship and I only finished it by coincidence a few days before I also finished internship (and I graduated, yay!).

The challenge was to setup internet on my laptop. Sounds simple enough, right? Let's see how complicated we can make this :)

I had one company-issued Windows computer with no administrator privileges. I could look at the IP configuration, but that was about it.
Pure magic: rebooting  Tags: Windows, computers.
So you got a really weird problem, every diagnostic you run is positive but the function just won't work. You tried about everything there is to try, but the mad girlfriend bug persists.

I had this today with the sound on my mother's laptop. The sound device was enabled, working fine it said, the Windows Audio service was started, the volume was at 80% and not muted, and it even showed the volume on the volume bar when it was supposed to play.
Windows installation with narrator  Tags: windows, computers.
Installing Windows, or any other Operating System for that matter, is often a bit boring. You can't do what you want on the system until it's completed, time between steps is often a bit long but also too short to really go do something else, etc.
I said to someone as a joke I would not attach a screen or mouse and do everything by keyboard blindly. That would have been easy once in Windows, but the installation is always a bit different and I do it like five times every year so I don't know that by heart.
So I didn't think it would actually be possible, but if I had looked up a screenshot of the first one or two setup screens I would have.
How UAC failed completely  Tags: Windows.
User Account Control. Most readers of this blog will have heard of it, but for the ones who don't: It are those annoying questions in Windows Vista and 7 if you want to grant programs admin permissions. Doing a google images search for "User Account Control" will show you what I mean. So why did they do this if it is so annoying?

They actually copied Linux and Mac OS X, where you have to enter the root password for important changes.

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