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Android, rooting, warranty, Linux and more  Tags: apps, software, tutorials.
As suggested by @wesleypennock, I'll tell you more about running Linux on Android. Actually he asked about Xfce, but that would be a rather short article ;)

Rooted phone
First of all, you need a rooted phone. I was kind of shocked to hear how few people have a rooted phone, since there is no good reason not to do it. Except when you don't need it, like my mother, but many tech people also don't have it because it'd void warranty.
Android's problem  Tags: software, apps.
So I've got an Android phone now. A "smartphone" I should probably say: to call this Galaxy Note 2 a "phone" is practically an insult, considering it's got an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and even an on-board weather station. Okay, it's only a barometer, but you can replace the S-Pen with a thermometer and probably measure wind speeds with the microphone.

Top of the market quad-core smartphone, great. I don't need 4 cores, but they'll probably turn out useful next time I'm going to do...
Make Chrome run 4 times faster  Tags: websites, software.
I almost filed a support request at Grooveshark for making the site incredibly slow. It's never been fast, but the until very recently I could live with it. Now it took around 70 seconds from the moment the page started loading until I heard sound come out of my speakers.
Also selecting a song in the list (not playing it or anything, just selecting) took a few seconds. Absurd.
OpenArena error: bad surfacetype  Tags: software.
Because there was no good answer on Google: This post :)

Games this applies to: OpenArena, Quake 3, Enemy Territory, Warsow, Urban Terror, Quake Live, and basically any game running the ioquake3 engine.

Symptom: You connect to a server, possibly autodownload something, then the map starts loading. Just when you expect the loading to start progressing (moments after the levelshot appears), it kicks you to a screen telling you "bad surfacetype". After that screen you end up in the main menu again.

Fix: Find out what map that was, and delete it from your disk.
hMailServer SSL setup, asio.ssl error  Tags: my server, software.
While setting up SSL on hMailServer, Mozilla Thunderbird was giving me errors when trying if it worked. The first time I forgot to forward my port (ups!). Second time it did ask me if I wanted to accept the certificate, but then it failed to send the e-mail, even before I had accepted the cert.

Looking in the log file of today, I saw the following error:
"TCPIP"	13312	"2012-02-05 14:12:29.652"	"TCPConnection - Posting AcceptEx on"

"TCPIP" 8304 "2012-02-05 14:12:30.057" "TCPConnection - SSL handshake with client failed.

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