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Why Facebook works  Tags: social networks, privacy, websites, randomthought.
I finally got it! The reason why Facebook still exists and rules over all other social networks.
Many people say Facebook has privacy issues. But it are not issues, not at all. It is their business model and, more importantly, their marketing model. People come to Facebook at first to find out about other people. Or let's call "people" Joe. Through their name Joe finds where the person lives, his/her relationship status, and even recent photos.

Then, Joe want to reply to that photo or event the person went to, perhaps Joe was there too or wanted to go there.
Google+ and Facebook  Tags: randomthought.
I was thinking about how Facebook got so popular here in the Netherlands when we had Hyves (and myspace and linkedin and friendster and stuff). I remembered how FB was only for college students or something, which made it exclusive and everyone wanted to join. When they had quite a market share, they went public. Or that's how I've heard it went.

Google+ is just doing the same! It's exclusive now, and when a lot of people have it they make it public.
Exclusiveness is not just a smart

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