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About my website  Tags: websites, webdevelopment, my blog.
Thought I'd write a bit about this blog, the ideas and origins behind some things.

Why'd I start a blog?
Let's begin at the beginning. About a year ago I started reading more on the web. Of course you read all day long when you are on the computer, but it are all bits and pieces. I'm talking about stuff which is like 14 pages in length (on a full HD screen). Back then I read a lot on qntm.org,
Short URLs  Tags: my blog.
After thinking it trough and trough and trough, I've finally settled on a short URL scheme:
Shortname can be a custom name I can set, or a blogpost ID.

Why this?
Well lucb1e.com/shortname would conflict with files on my server. I could include a long explaination what problems it would arise and how I could overcome them, but in the end it comes down to: It gets too complex. For something like this, I want to keep it as simple as possible. Preferably just one line of htaccess.

The most logical way after this was to use a subdirectory:
This was recognisable and easy to implement, but I dislike it.
About disabling Javascript  Tags: my blog, websites, webdevelopment.
If you don't have javascript in your browser, you will not be able to fully make use of this website. I'm sorry for that, I tried to make things work best I could. If you have any problems navigating or reading, feel free to contact me. You can stop reading now if this is the case.

If you have disabled javascript yourself, you have succesfully put your browser in a wheelchair. Congratulations!
The web nowadays gets more and more dynamic, and you are slowing down the dynamicness. I myself have NoScript installed in Firefox, but I only occasionally use it for website with scrolling stuff and javascript-toolbars which annoy me.

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