Where lucb1e came from

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By lucb1e on 2012-01-28 14:22:28 +0100

Short version: It is my first name (Luc) and the first class from secondary school (B1E) together. Read on for why. The name is pronounced "Luc bee one ee".

I'm regularly asked where this name came from. It's not random keybashing, and it has nothing to do with my last name (those are the most common guesses). It originates from the first class in secondary school.

I used to have an MSN address firstname.lastname@hotmail.com, but after I messed too much with Windows and it had to be reinstalled, the password wasn't stored anymore when I turned MSN on. Someone else had first installed it for me, something my parents wanted, but he never told me the password. When I asked him, he said he forgot it too.

Back then it was about 2005 I guess, and stories about Don't just accept anyone on MSN were still hot topics. They might be kidnappers or child molesters! I didn't get why—what was the block button for then—but I wanted everyone back on msn. The class I was in at school was called B1E, and most people I had on MSN would know that. I didn't want my last name actually, so I went for lucb1e.

Later I signed up on some forum, I forgot which, and I had to think of some username. Luc was already taken. After doubting a bit I decided it couldn't hurt to use lucb1e again. And again, and again.

Lucb1e is unique too, nobody else uses it. My real first- and lastname combination has a couple duplicates (Duplicates should be forbidden!).

So that's the story about lucb1e :)

Update 2019-04: I found the password. Holy crap, after 14 years I found some scrap paper (with authentic coffee stain and all -- I don't even drink coffee). It was dolfijn2005 (dophin 2005) or something. Looks like I estimated the year correctly in the story above. When I tried to log in, full of anticipation, the account does not appear to exist anymore. I can even register the email address again. If someone might have been on MSN, I might have... alas.
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