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By lucb1e on 2017-02-21 13:34:55 +0100

TL;DR: New blog posts will be posted in a new place under my legal name. Contact me if you want to know where.

Some followers of this blog have noted that I post less, and it's true. There are several reasons, but one of the main reasons is that this nickname is a dead end for me. I am moving towards using my full name for professional things, and interesting technical content is now a professional thing.

I invented the nickname lucb1e when I was thirteen or so. It's not a bad nick (not something embarrassing) but I cannot guarantee that everything I posted over the past decade is safe for work. I'd like to believe I never posted anything bad, but I could not possibly check it all. Thus I am retiring the nickname in favor of using my real name.

For the same reason, I do not want to connect this nick with my real name. Not that it's impossible to find*, but it's not obvious from a quick web search and I don't want to make it so. If you want to know where I will be posting new stuff, contact me via one of the contact methods.

* It's not impossible to find anymore at least. It used to be, and I had a bounty for anyone who could make the connection without being told. I never had to pay out. Since it's not impossible anymore, and since lucb1e seems to be unique as an identifier, I feel it's not truly a nickname anymore. That's another reason I am retiring the nickname: it's not useful as a professional name, but also not as a name to anonymously post stuff under.

Is it strange to say I feel sad to write this announcement? It seems I've gotten attached to it.

You put the phone down first.

No, really.

Anyhow, this domain will exist for a while yet, especially since it hosts more content than just this blog, but it's not unthinkable that in three years I'll want to stop paying for it and, more importantly, maintaining it with security updates.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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