Google banned from this site for foul play

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By lucb1e on 2019-04-12 20:27:30 +0100

Yesterday, I read this article:

The main points are:

There are many reasons to hate AMP and few to love it, but the continuous vocal response from the community that relies on fair search results confirms the damage this is doing. Google is abusing their monopoly to force some technology of their making. I don't know if it violates the letter of any antitrust laws, but I personally do not want to support this kind of behaviour.

Update 2019-06-21: another reason not to let Google access your site:

Today, I blocked the google crawler from my websites, returning a 403 Forbidden for each request by Google. I do not really care about appearing in search results, so I can safely do this. I know that I alone cannot have a big impact because my sites are not important, but there are some blog posts here and on my other site that people might have been interested in, as well as dozens of little scripts on various paths; there is definitely some content here that is worth finding.

If you want to find this content in the future, you need to use another search engine. Any other search engine. For competition's sake, use another search engine.

I can do this safely, and it hurts Google only a negligible amount. I therefore encourage everyone else with personal, non-profit websites to implement this or similar measures. As fewer results of such not-for-profit websites show up in Google Search, competition will be reintroduced to the search market. We need to remind the monopolist: Don't be evil. They are, however, not listening when we use words.
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